lighthouse Christiansø

Lighthouse Christiansø in September 2003. The island of Christiansø is located about 10 miles northeast of Bornholm. The lighthouse was built in 1805 between the inner and the outer circular wall of the "Big Tower", which was built in 1684. In the summer months the lighthouse is open for the public.

lighthouse Christiansø
(works since October 1st, 1805, height of building 16 m, height of fire 29 m, range of light 18 sm, characteristic [Fl W 5s] one flash (0.5s) every five seconds, int. No.: C 2556)
coordinates (GPS) : 5519'14.3''N - 1511'13.0''E
view from the lighthouse Christiansø

View from the lighthouse Christiansø to the neighbouring island Frederiksø, where the small leading light stands. Behind there the uninhabited islands Græsholmen and Tat are visible.

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