pier lights Maasvlakte

Pier lights Zuiderhoofd (foreground and lower picture) and Noorderhoofd (background) in June 2004. They mark the mouth of river Maas (Maasmond). Both lighthouses have helicopter platforms. These are the only entrances to the lights, because of the piers are out of reach and also ships can't dock at the piers.
The position of the photographer was the outer district of the harbour territory of Maasvlakte, behind the lighthouse Maasvlakte following the main street about one kilometre.

pier light Zuiderhoofd
(pier light starbord, height of fire 25 m, range of light green 10 sm, characteristic [F G] green continuous light, int. No.: B 0635)
(pier light port, height of fire 25 m, range of light rot 10 sm, characteristic [F R] red continuous light, int. No.: B 0634)
map harbour entrance Rotterdam
map Netherlands