lighthouse Andenes

Lighthouse Andenes in June 2005. The lighthouse is open for visitors (appointment in the tourist office). The lower picture shows the lighthouse during midnight sun. How the next day shows, the pictures were a lucky chance, because of there comes deep sea fog in, which isn't so unusual for this landscape. The pier light is the only lighthouse at the Vesterålen which stands more northerly than lighthouse Andenes.

lighthouse Andenes
(lighthouse, works since 1859, automated in 1978, height of building 40 m, height of fire 39 m, range of light white 18 sm, characteristic [FFl W 30s] continuous light with a flash every thirty seconds, shown from August, 10th, till April, 26th, int. No.: L 3456)
coordinates (GPS): 6919'26.3''N - 1606'56.7''E
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