lighthouse Hirsholm

Lighthouse Hirsholm in May 2006. The island of Hirsholm is part of the archipelago Hirsholmene in the Kattegat (part of the Baltic Sea) and is located about 6 kilometres to the Northeast of Frederikshavn in Northeast Jutland. A mail boat reaches three times a week the little island, the crossing takes one hour.
The lighthouse isn't open for visitors, but one to two times in the year there are guided tours to Hirsholmene. There also the lighthouse can be visited. There are 107 steps to the top.
The lighthouse stands at the highest point of the island, the Ørnebjerg, 6 metres above sea level. It was built in 1886 of granite from the island of Hirsholm. The old lighthouse stands only 25 metres away from the new one (see picture below).

old and new lighthouse Hirsholm

The archipelago Hirsholmene is a natural reserve and breeding ground for thousands of seabirds. That's why it isn't easy to take a photo without a seagull.

lighthouse Hirsholm
(lighthouse, works since 1887 , heigth of building 27 m, height of fire 30 m, characteristic [Fl(3) W 30s + FWR] three flashes every thirty seconds and sectors with white and red continuous light, int. No.: C 0020)
coordinates (GPS) : 5729'07.4''N - 1037'28.4''E
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