lighthouse Stubbekøbing

Lighthouse Stubbekøbing in September 2007. It stands at a camp site in the west of the little town Stubbekøbing at the island of Falster, directly at the beach. It is possible to go by the camp site kiosk down to the beach or, when it is not possible in summer, to go another side street down to the beach and walking along the path at the beach. The lighthouse marks the entry from Sortsø Gab into the narrow shipping channel between the islands of Bogø and Falster for ships which are coming from west.

lighthouse Stubbekøbing
(cross light, works since 1895, height of fire 5 m, range of light white 12 sm - red 9 sm - green 9 sm, characteristic [Iso WRG 4s] two seconds light - two seconds dark, int. No.: C 1856)
section of a nautical chart
coordinates (GPS): 5453'32.3''N - 1201'34.0''E
map Sealand, Møn, Lolland and Falster
map Denmark