lighthouse Kilcredaun Point

Lighthouse Kilcredaun Point in September 2010. It is a harbour or local light and it is located about 16 km to the east of Loop Head at the northern shoal of River Shannon, in the south of the little town Carrigaholt.
In the first years after establishment the lighthouse had two sectors: red light into direction Atlantic Ocean and white light up river. In 1941 the lighthouse was given the lantern with the top looking like a Chinese hat.

lighthouse Kilcredaun Point
(works since 1. September 1824 till probably 11. March 2011, electrified in July 1979, height of building 13 m, height of fire 41 m, range of light white 15 sm, characteristic [Fl W 6s] one flash every six seconds, int. No.: A 6340)
[ 0.1 s - (5.9 s) ]
coordinates (GPS): 5234'49.7''N - 0942'36.8''W
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