Lighthouse Darsser Ort

Lighthouse Darsser Ort in June 2003. In April 1999 was our first entering (134 steps), in this time the lower photo was taken. The place between the round tower (red fired bricks) and the keepers house was surrounded with a wall after 1990. In the inner place is an exhibition and a little cafe.

Lighthouse Darsser Ort
(lighthouse, works since January 1st 1849 - from 1978 automated, height of building 35.4 m, height of fire 33 m, range of light 20 sm, characteristic [Fl (2+4) W 22s] two and four flashes every twenty-two seconds, electrified 1936, int. No.: C 1440)


Darsser Ort
at a stamp
from 1975.

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