lighthouse breakwater east

"Port"-Lighthouse on breakwater east Warnemünde in December 2005. This breakwater and the tower were new built in 1998.

(pier light, height of tower 12 m, height of fire 14 m, range of light red 6 sm, characteristic [Iso R 4s] two seconds red light - two seconds dark, int. No.: C 1405.1)
lighthouse breakwater east

To the right the "Port"-lighthouse, to the left the identical "Starboard"-lighthouse on breakwater west. Near the beginning of breakwater west stands the lighthouse Warnemünde.


moles and lighthouses before 1998
moles and lighthouses since 1998

before 1998

since 1998

coordinates (GPS) : 5411'13.5''N - 1205'28.0''E
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