lighthouse Westermarkelsdorf on Fehmarn island

Lighthouse Westermarkelsdorf at the northwest tip of the island of Fehmarn in February 2001. The octagonal brick tower was increased in 1902 from 12 metres to 17 metres. The lower picture shows the lighthouse in December 2009.

lighthouse Westermarkelsdorf on Fehmarn island
(leading and air obstruction light, works since 1881 - from 1984 automated, height of tower 17 m, height of fire 16 m, range of light white 18 sm - red 14 sm, characteristic [LFl WR 10s] one longer flash (2.5 seconds) every ten seconds, 1925 electrified, int. No.: C 1280)
coordinates (GPS) : 5431'38.8''N - 1103'28.6''E
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