lighthouse Gedser

Lighthouse Gedser in September 2007. Gedser Odde is the southernmost point of the Danish island of Falster. The lighthouse is visible from sea some times before arriving Gedser ferry harbour. It is one of the oldest still working lighthouses in Denmark and was constructed by Poul de Løvenørn.

lighthouse Gedser
(lighthouse, works since August 1st 1802 - about 1920 electrified - from 1962 automated, height of tower 20 m, height of fire 26 m, range of light 26 sm, characteristic [Fl (3) W 20s] three flashes every twenty seconds,

[ 0.5s - (3.5s) - 0.5s - (3.5s) - 0.5s - (11.5s) ]

since 30/2011: range of light 18 sm, characteristic [Fl (2) W 15s] two flashes every fifteen seconds,

int. No.: C 2186)
lighthouse Gedser


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coordinates (GPS): 5433'50.4''N - 1157'49.8''E
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