lighthouse Stevns

Lighthouse Stevns in September 2007. Since 2002 the ground is free of military. In the south of the lighthouse there is the church of Højerup. It's chancel plunged into the sea some years ago. On the half distance between church and fire is a place where is a wonderful view to both sights. Near the new lighthouse stands the old lighthouse.

lighthouse Stevns
(lighthouse, works since 1878, height of tower 26 m, height of fire 64 m, range of light 21 sm, characteristic [LFl W 25s] one longer light (3.2 seconds) every twenty-five seconds, int. No.: C 2094)
lighthouse Stevns


section of a nautical chart
coordinates (GPS): 5517'26.9''N - 1227'13.0''E
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