lighthouse Møn

Lighthouse Møn in September 2007 at the southeasterly tip of the island of Møn and Denmark. It lies on private ground and isn't open for visitors.

lighthouse Møn
(lighthouse, works since 1845, height of tower 13 m, height of fire 25 m, range of light 21 sm, characteristic [Fl (4) W 30s] four flashes every thirty seconds, int. No.: C 2142)
[ 0.5s - (4.5s) - 0.5s - (4.5s) - 0.5s - (4.5s) - 0.5s - (14.5s) ]
lighthouse Møn

Lighthouse Møn from the beach.

lighthouse Møn


at a stamp
from 1996.

section of a nautical chart
coordinates (GPS): 5456'47.5''N - 1232'23.9''E
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