lighthouse Schleimünde

Lighthouse Schleimünde in August 2001. The tower stands on the southern tip of the island of Lotseninsel, within reach only by boat. The photos were taken from the southern mole of mouth.

(direction and leading light, works since 1861 - from 1969 automated, height of tower 14 m, height of fire 14 m, range of light white 14 sm - red 10 sm, characteristic [LFl(3) WR 20s] three longer flashes every twenty seconds, int. No.: C 1186)
[ 2s - (3s) - 2s - (3s) - 2s - (8s) ]
lighthouse Schleimünde


Lighthouse Schleimünde in April 2019. Now it is painted in green and white.

lighthouse Schleimünde

But not only the colour of the lighthouse has changed in the last years. The southern beach of the Schlei mouth has changed into a nature reservat and the peninsula in the south is now a big holiday centre.

lighthouse Schleimünde


Original lighthouse stamp from 1992!

scanned from Bernd Haikmöller

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