lighthouse Falshöft

Lighthouse Falshöft in April 2006. The iron tower stands close by a camp site and is opened for visitors in summer. A room for wedding is located in the tower and also a museum will soon be opened!

(lighthouse, leading and cross light, worked from 1910 till February 28th 2002 - from 1969 automated, height of tower 24.4 m, height of fire 25 m, range of light white 16 sm - red 13 sm, characteristic [Oc (2) WR 16s] two occultations every sixteen seconds, int. No.: C 1108)
lighthouse Falshöft
coordinates (GPS) : 5446'01.9''N - 0957'55.5''E


Lighthouse Falshöft
at a stamp from 2010.

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