port pier light Sassnitz

"Port" pier light Sassnitz on Rügen island in October 2001. It stands on the head of the short west pier by the town harbour.

(front range, pier light, height of tower 7 m,
front range: height of fire 11 m, range of light red 9 sm, characteristic [Oc (2) R 10s] two occultations every ten seconds,
pier light: height of fire 10 m, range of light red 3 sm, characteristic [F R] continuous light,
int. No.: C 2604)
[ (1s) - 2s - (1s) - 6s ]
port pier light Sassnitz

A nightly view in February 2007 from the 1500 metres long breakwater-east, where the green "starboard" pier light stands. The light of the front range is clearly visible.

 port pier light Sassnitz in the night
coordinates (GPS): 5430'29.3''N - 1338'12.0''E
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