lighthouse Arngast

Lighthouse Arngast in December 2001, standing in the middle of the bay Jadebusen. Till 1905 there was a small island on this point. The both upper pictures show the lighthouse from Dangast, the lower one from Wilhelmshaven.

lighthouse Arngast
(cross and direction light, works since October 1st 1910 - from 1967 automated, height of tower 36 m, height of fire 30 m,
light in sectors: range of light white 21/10 sm - red 16 sm - green 17/7 sm,
characteristic [F WRG] continuous light,
characteristic [Fl WG 3s] one flash (0.8s) every three seconds,
characteristic [Fl(2) W 9s] two flashes every nine seconds, [ 0.8s - (2.2s) - 0.8s - (5.2s) ],
leading sector: range of light white 20 sm, characteristic [Oc W 6s] one occultation every six seconds,
int. No.: B 1152)
lighthouse Arngast
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