windmill fire 安inouj軼ie

"Windmill fire" 安inouj軼ie at the west pier of 安inouj軼ie in February 2002. It's also the front range of the rear range 安inouj軼ie, which stands about 520 metres away. The east side of the mouth of the river Swine is marked by the red breakwater east fire.
The lower picture was taken in September 2005 during very fine Indian Summer weather, there was a great presence of people and birds.

windmill fire 安inouj軼ie
(breakwater and front light, works since 1877, height of building 11 m, height of fire 11 m, range of light yellow 17 sm, characteristic [Oc Y 10s] one occultation (2.5s) every ten seconds, int. No.: C 2670)
coordinates (GPS) : 5355'34.4''N - 1416'38.7''E
map 安inouj軼ie
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