Breakwater East lighthouse 安inouj軼ie

Breakwater East lighhouse 安inouj軼ie in September 2005. The picture below shows booth breakwater lighthouses 安inouj軼ie. In front the shorter west breakwater (island of Usedom) with the white "windmill" fire. In the background the longer east breakwater (island of Wolin) with the red "port" fire. On these side stands also the lighthouse 安inouj軼ie.

(breakwater light, works since 1877, height of tower 11 m, height of fire 13 m, range of light red 10 sm, characteristic [Oc R 4s] one occultation every four seconds, int. No.: C 2672)
Breakwater lighthouses 安inouj軼ie
map 安inouj軼ie
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