lighthouse Campen

Lighthouse Campen in October 2002. The tower is open for visitors, but only some hours. 320 steps to come to the top. From here you can see (by good visibility) Borkum island. It's the highest German lighthouse.

lighthouse Campen
(direction light, works since October 1st  1891, height of building 65.3 m, height of fire 62 m,
direction light 126.95: range of light 30 sm, characteristic [Dir F W] - white continuous light;
direction light 126.55: range of light 29 sm, characteristic [Dir Fl W 5s ] - one flash (0.7 s) every five seconds ;
direction light 127.35: range of light 29 sm, characteristic [Dir Fl(4) W 15s] - four flashes every fifteen seconds;
int. No.: B 0983)
[ 0.7s - (2.3s) - 0.7s - (2.3s) - 0.7s - (2.3s) - 0.7s - (5.3s) ]
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