lighthouse Nieblum (Föhr)

Lighthouse Nieblum at the island of Föhr in November 2004. Standing behind the dike, it isn't visible from the beach. Therefore here is a tip: coming from Wyk use the next way behind the restaurant "Am Wattemeer". The tower of aluminum leads through the fairway "Rütergat" and has the same construction as lighthouse Nebel at Amrum.

(leading light, works since 1981, height of tower 9.7 m, height of fire 11 m, range of light white 20.3 sm - red 16.5 sm - green 16.8 sm, characteristic [Oc(2) WRG 10s] two occultations every ten seconds, int. No.: B 1702)
coordinates (GPS): 5441'03.9''N - 0829'08.1''E
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