new lighthouse Marienleuchte on Fehmarn island

New lighthouse Marienleuchte on the island of Fehmarn in February 2001 (upper picture) and in December 2009 (lower picture). In contrast to the (some few steps distance) old lighthouse is this lighthouse possible proper, but not nice to see. The new lighthouse takes over the historical name of its predecessor.

new lighthouse Marienleuchte on Fehmarn island
(cross and leading light, works since 1967, height of tower 33 m, height of fire 40 m, range of light white 22 sm - red 18 sm, characteristic [Fl (4) WR 15s] four flashes every fifteen seconds, int. No.: C 1284)
[ 0.2s - (2.8s) - 0.2s - (2.8s) - 0.2s - (2.8s) - 0.2s - (5.8s) ]
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coordinates (GPS) : 5429'42.1''N - 1114'16.6''E
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