old and new lighthouses Travemünde

Lighthouses Travemünde in February 2001. In the foreground is the old tower, the oldest one of Germany. At the roof of the hotel in the background is the new fire, the highest German one. From here are only some steps to the breakwater with the mole-lighthouse, which looks very interesting at night because of its shining rings (glass tiles).

old lighthouse Travemünde
(Old Fire: direction light, worked from 1539 to 1972 - from 1903 automated, height of tower 31 m, height of fire 31 m)
(New Fire: leading light, works since 1974, height of tower 118 m, height of fire 114 m, range of light white 19 sm - red 15 sm, characteristic [Fl WR 4s] one flash every four seconds, int. No.: C 1360)

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