pier lighthouse Travemünde

Lighthouse at the breakwater Travemünde in February 2001. The two white rings consist of glass and that's why these rings are shining with white light by night.
Some steps from here is a hotel, on which roof is the new fire, and behind the hotel is the old lighthouse.

breakwater with mole-fire Travemünde

This is the breakwater in 2013: The old pier light was demolished in December 2012 because of too high costs. A new modern light was erected some weeks before. A similar building like the first will be erected in the future, in a green colour. But first the government has to give money. This takes time ...

new pier light Travemünde

But already in August 2014 the new green breakwater light was established:

new pier light Travemünde
(old pier light: pier and leading light, works from 1967 till 2012, height of tower 9 m, height of fire 10 m, range of light red 6 sm - green 5 sm, characteristic [Oc RG 4s] one occultation every four seconds, int. No.: C 1362)
(new pier light: pier and leading light, works since 2014, height of fire 12 m, range of light 6 sm, characteristic [Oc RG 4s / F Y] one occultation every four seconds / fixed yellow light, int. No.: C 1362)
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