lighthouse Pellworm rear range

Lighthouse Pellworm in August 2001. The former front range stands about 1500 metres from here in the shallows. Together they marked as leading lights till 2002 the Heverstrom. The former rear range overtook the function of a direction light alone after shutdown of the front range. The tower can be visited by appointment only.

(lighthouse, direction and cross light, works since 1907 - from 1977 automated, height of tower 41 m, height of fire 38 m,
direction light: range of light white 20 sm - red 16 sm - green 15 sm, characteristic [Oc WRG 5s] one occultation every five seconds,
cross light: range of light white 15 sm - red 12 sm, characteristic [Oc WR 5s] one occultation every five seconds,
int. No.: B 1676.1)
[ (1s) - 4s ]
lighthouse Pellworm rear range
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