front light Geestemünde / Fischereihafen

Front light Geestemünde / Fischereihafen in Bremerhaven in March 2002. It guides the ships up the river Weser together with rear light Fischereihafen. Also together with rear light Geestemünde it marks the way into direction North Sea.

front light Geestemünde / Fischereihafen
(front light, works since 1973, height of tower 11 m, height of fire 17 m, range of light white 11 sm (front range Geestemünde), white 18 sm (front range Fischereihafen), characteristic [Oc W 6s] one occultation every six seconds, int. No.: B 1257)
front light Geestemünde / Fischereihafen

In this picture from December 2001 the green top of the rear light Bremerhaven (to the right of the front light) can also be seen like the tops of the pier lights Geestemünde: left the green pier light south, right the red pier light north.

map Bremerhaven
map Niedersachsen (North Sea)
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