rear light Bremerhaven

Rear light Bremerhaven in March 2002. The tower was built in 1854-55 in new-gothic stile, with churchlike sidebuildings for working and living rooms for the light- and sluice-keepers. The construction to the left side of tower was an indicator for storm warnings. The sidebuildings were destroyed during World War II. 208 metres to the south stands the small front light. The picture below was taken in December 2001.

rear light Bremerhaven
(rear light, works since 1855 - from 1961 automated, height of tower 37 m, height of fire 34 m, range of light white 8 sm, characteristic [Iso W 4s] two seconds light - two seconds dark, int. No.: B 1268.1)


Rear range
at a stamp
from 2007.
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