front light Bremerhaven

Front light Bremerhaven at the New Harbour in March 2002, also called "Zwiebelturm" or "Minarett". In November 1992 it was moved 56 metres to a new position. Now it stands a little bit higher and ships can not obscure it. On this picture the light stands in the middle of a building site, because the zoo is being renovated and enlarged. On this path the nice view to the old rear light, which is 208 m away, isn't at it's best at this time.

(front light, works since 1893 - since 1942 automated, height of tower 26 m, height of fire 21 m, range of light white 8 sm, characteristic [Iso W 4s] two seconds light - two seconds dark, int. No.: B 1268)
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