old beacon Vierendehl

Old beacon Vierendehl, built by the firm Pintsch in Fürstenwalde, in June 2003. It stood easterly from Barhöft and marked together with another beacon the sea way Vierendehlrinne. But soon they lost their importance, because the sea way was moved. They should tear down, but nobody want this. Further seagulls and other birds live there.

old beacon Vierendehl
(cross light, front range, worked 1910 - 1982, height of building 13.2 m, height of fire 11.2 m)

In September 2005 the beacon, also called "Dicke Berta", was removed from its place. There is a report of the "Ostsee-Zeitung".
Some times the Vierendehl beacon was in Stralsund, but now, in 2007, nearly hundred years later, the lighthouse came back to it's birth town Fürstenwalde. It stands now at the yard of the museum of Fürstenwalde and proclaims a part of the industrial history of the town Fürstenwalde. The old optics was built in and also a weather flag is again on the lighthouse.

coordinates (GPS): 52°21'26.3''N - 14°03'58.4''E
restored light beacon Vierendehl

restored light beacon Vierendehl

restored light beacon Vierendehl

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